Our core belief is that CAP agencies and Utilities can deliver a high-quality customer experience while maximizing staff efficiency ... that quality and quantity can both be realized. We’re committed to a product evolution plan that will consistently exceed the expectations of our clients for years to come and a pricing structure that is affordable for agencies of all sizes.

The LIHEAP Scheduling and Management System is produced in a truly collaborative manner by a team that is focused on delivering a demonstrably better way of managing LIHEAP and related Energy Assistance programs.

Active Telesource, Inc., a leading customer care provider, listened to the needs of existing clients in the Utility sector and partnered with The Other Firm to produce a unique IVR (interactive voice response) and software platform that improves data and workflow inefficiencies though purpose-built IVR and web application technologies. ATI brings their deep industry knowledge, focus on customer service and high-caliber expertise in IVR development and data security to the assignment; TOF contributes years of software application development, data mobility and project management experience to form a formidable and complimentary team.

Clark County PUD and Pierce County Community Connections were integral in defining initial core business requirements and desired features while testing and providing invaluable feedback throughout product development. Both organizations converted completely to the LIHEAP Scheduling and Management System during the 2011/2012 LIHEAP season and the results have been positive by all measurements.

More than 100,000 customer interactions later … both clients have stated that the LIHEAP Scheduling and Management System “exceeded our expectations and the system pays for itself!”

We’re particularly interested in learning how others may see additional ways to improve on our existing system and how it might expand to serve additional needs. If this approach aligns with your desire to improve your organization’s performance and your customer’s experience, let’s talk!