• Finally... a proven LIHEAP IVR/software solution...

    Finally… a proven LIHEAP IVR/software solution that reduces administrative costs, frees up staff time, and makes it easier to deliver more efficient and effective energy assistance programs.

  • Clark County PUD and Pierce County Community Connections used the LSM...

    Clark County PUD and Pierce County Community Connections used the LSM to serve their clients faster and more efficiently.

  • Intuitive user interfaces and logical LIHEAP-specific workflow

    Intuitive user interfaces and logical LIHEAP-specific workflow make the LSM easy to use. There’s no software to install or hardware to buy, so IT issues are a thing of the past.

  • Your data has mobility … providing flexibility for staff...

    Your data has mobility… providing flexibility for staff scheduling, program reporting, data sharing and interaction with Utility account systems or other third parties.

  • Calculate your savings...

    Calculate your savings.

    Use the Savings Calculator to quantify your LIHEAP activities and see how the LSM could save you time, money
    or both!

  • Don't want or need IVR automation?

    Don’t want or need IVR automation?

    Add our scheduling and reporting tools to your existing customer contact process!

    Ask us for details and pricing about non-IVR software options.

  • Watch the video

    Community Action Agencies have a unique and challenging mission that the LSM can help them achieve with greater effectiveness.

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  1. Improve Staff Efficiency

    Reduce staff time with IVR-based prequalification, appointment scheduling, and client status inquiries for LIHEAP, HEAP, Weatherization and other Energy Assistance Programs.

  2. Better and Faster

    Streamline staff schedule and appointment setting processes with integrated calendar and complete LIHEAP client database (with or without integrated IVR components).

  3. Easier Administration

    Full reporting capabilities for CAA’s, Utilities and State Agencies plus customizable data sharing and import/export features.

  4. Complete Scalability

    Manage multiple locations, energy assistance programs, funding sources and more with one dedicated Energy Assistance software solution.

IVR Benefits

  • Improved program understanding and automated pre-qualification process
  • Easy, phone-based appointment scheduling, cancellation and immediate confirmation of set appointments
  • Automated application or pledge status checks
  • Reduced no-shows with pre-appointment reminder calls

Appointment Scheduling & Viewing

  • Centralized application manages appointments schedules for all Reps across multiple locations
  • Open time slots are defined by location and staff availability and automatically filled by qualified clients via the IVR or input by staff if IVR is not integrated
  • Appointment time durations can be customized in 15 minute increments
  • Duplicate or past appointment prescreening process before new appointments can be scheduled
  • Crisis appointments time slots can be created but are reserved for manual appointment setting
  • Existing appointments may be modified (reassigned to a different Rep, cancelled, rescheduled, different appointment type, etc.)
  • Instant access to calendar views of all appointments by location and date
  • View or print daily appointments by Rep
  • One-click access from calendar view to appointment details and client record

Centralized Client Database

  • New or updated client data is captured from initial IVR interactions and/or staff input to produce a complete record of program activity
  • Prior or existing client data can be imported into the LSM for client and administrative efficiency
  • In addition to standard individual data fields, client records also includes key program information:
    • Associated household members
    • Existing or past appointments
    • Application and award dates and amounts

Reporting Capabilities

  • Entire client database can be filtered and sorted by attributes for viewing or download
  • Run common reports with a click of a button to view or download:
    • Scheduled appointments by type and location (date range function)
    • Incoming call statistics (date range function)
    • Applications sent but not received
  • Download all program data for use in other software or systems
  • Custom reporting is available upon request

Administrative Features

  • Customize and manage key program features:
    • Assign appointment types to one or more locations
    • Adjust appointment time durations
    • Define assistance program types
    • Set appointment hours and capacity per location
    • Assign reps to specific locations
    • Manage number of open appointments to offer by day, week or month
    • Manage key IVR settings and greetings
  • Administer multiple assistance programs:
    • Create program-specific appointment schedules
    • Track and report multiple program awards for individual clients